Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you deliver a porta potty?

Standard service is next-day, but in many cases, we can deliver Porta Potties the same day.

To be sure that we can deliver the type and number of units you need, please give us a call 48 hours in advance.

Will you rent a porta-potty for 1 day?

Yes. We can offer ports porta potty rental service for one day, or several days…same price.

How clean are your porta potties?

Our porta potties are the cleanest in Austin. All porta potties are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before  being delivered. We can provide cleaning service during your event for an additional fee if requested.

We reserve special event units that are the newest and cleanest units available. These units are never rented for construction sites or other high-traffic usage.

How often are your porta potties serviced?

In most cases, once a week is sufficient, however we can service units more often depending on the situation.

Where do you place the porta potty?

Porta potties require a flat, level surface and must be accessible by the service truck.

How many units will I need?

Typical 5 hour events require one unit per 50 people. More if alcohol is served. See the chart below for larger parties lasting longer.




Do you offer wheelchair accessible porta potties?

Yes we have special units available that are handicap accessible. We can reserve these units if you call us.

Do I need to worry about the smell of the porta potty?

No. We use a specially designed liquid that is present in our porta potties that keeps the odor under control. The chemical leaves the unit with a pleasant laundry detergent like smell, even after several days and weeks.